Adhesive tape laminating machine

The purpose of this station is to set up a set of mechanical production equipment after the coil is unrolled, and the sizing is dried and bonded to the coil. DM-H518-K004 Adhesive Tape Laminating Machine,this machine is used for coating laminating of web materials, mainly for adhesive products. Mainly for producing Adhesive Label,Double Side Tape,Foam Tape,Duct Tape,Kraft Paper Tape,Masking Tape,Fiber Tape etc

Products Details

PET, POL, PVA, Release paper and polyurethane film such as TAC.
Effective Fabrics Width 1000~1700mm/Customized
Roller Width 1800mm/Customized
Production speed: 0~30 m/min
Demension (L*W*H): 15950×2100×3600 mm
Gross Power About 105KW
Voltage 380V 50HZ 3Phase / customizable
Weight About 11340KG
1、 Button type control used;
2、 the operation is simple;
3、 take the circulating air drying system;
4、 electric heating tube heating, temperature controllable;
5、 constant tension and retractable volume;
6、 the glue method is simple;
7、 the machine is humanized design, saving operators;
8、 The finished material is transported directly to the inspection office
DM-H1800-D1573 equipment control, user-friendly operation, easy maintenance, constant tension, high-precision micro-correction and discharge device, convenient control of the stability of the composite process, the use of circulating wind power heating 12 m oven, constant tension control retractable volume, Cooperate with the finished product to deliver the product. Mechanical specifications: Mechanical spokes 1800mm, production line speed: 3~20M/min. Power supply requirements: Three-phase 380V, air pressure source: 5KG/cm2, 200L/min.

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