Automatic Strap cutting machine

Also known as cutting machine, cutting machine, straight twill cutting machine.

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1. The spindle and the circular knife use the stepless speed change system, which can be controlled at any speed and forward and reverse. 2. the use of imported ball slides, parallel advancement of the cutting width, with imported precision ball screw and slide rails, control the cutting width, to achieve high-precision cutting. 3. the use of variable frequency speed control system to control the speed of the knife, stepless adjustment control cutting speed translation and not easy to wear, to achieve high quality cutting. 4. The operation interface uses the programmable control Chinese display, which can directly input several cutting width and quantity settings, and has manual and automatic conversion functions. 5. using rapid discharge design, one step in place. Loading and unloading can be done in one operation.

Also known as cutting machine, cutting machine, straight twill cutting machine. Suitable for various widths of cloth, non-woven fabrics, tents, umbrellas, water yachts, foam, leather, plastics, etc., is clothing, bags, shoes and hats, clothing accessories, reflective materials factory, tarpaulin Ideal for industries such as factories, umbrella factories, and travel goods factories. Usually used with the beveling machine and the garden knife sharpener.

1. What's our Laminating Machine? Generally speaking, the laminating machine refers to a lamination equipment which is widely used in home textiles, garments, furniture, automotive interiors and other related industries. It is mainly used for two-layer or multi-layer bonding production process of various fabrics, natural leather, artifical leather, film, paper, sponge, foam, PVC, EVA, thin film,etc. Specifically, it is divided into adhesive laminating and non-adhesive laminating, and adhesive laminating is divided into water based glue, PU oil adhesive, solvent-based glue, pressure sensitive glue, super glue, hot melt glue, etc. The non-adhesive laminating process is mostly direct thermocompression bonding between materials or flame combustion lamination. 2. Which materials are suitable for laminating? (1) Fabric with fabric:  knitted fabrics and woven, non-woven, jersey, fleece, Nylon, Oxford, Denim, Velvet, plush,suede fabric,interlinings, polyester taffeta ,etc. (2) Fabric with films, like PU film, TPU film, PTFE film, BOPP film, OPP film, PE film, PVC film... (3) Leather, Synthetic leather, Sponge, Foam, EVA, Plastic.... Widely used in: fashion, footwear, cap, bags and suitcases, clothing, shoes and hats, luggage, home textiles, automotive interiors, decoration, packaging, abrasives, advertising, medical supplies, sanitary products, building materials, toys, industrial fabrics, environmentally friendly filter materials etc. 3. How to choose the most suitable laminating machine? a. What 's your sheet / roll material's maximum width? b.Do you use adhesive or not? If yes, which adhesive? c.What's the usage of your finished products?

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